What Tennis Players Have to Say:

“I have never enjoyed tennis as much as I have since I read this book. It tells you exactly what you need to work on to develop a set of reliable, accurate, and powerful strokes. With Victor Tantalo’s advice in the back of my mind, I feel I improve every time I play.”

- David Layzer, Ph.D. Professor of Astrophysics, (Ret.) Harvard University

“Extremely useful in all my programs both on and off the court. For those interested in analyzing and improving their tennis, it helps turn failure into success, and losing into winning!!”

- Ron Holmberg, Wimbledon Record Holder

“This book has been a valuable aid to all my students in intermediate and advanced tennis classes. Victor's knowledge of the game of tennis put in textbook form is a must for all college tennis instructors!”

- Butch Newman, Director of Tennis, Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas

A Few Pages from the Book:







Lesson 1
The Game Simplified    

Lesson 2
Learning Simplified  

Lesson 3
Your Incidence of Error Simplified  

Lesson 4
How to Keep the Ball in the Court Simplified    

Lesson 5
Aiming Simplified    

Lesson 6
How to Eliminate Errors Simplified    
Lesson 7
Timing a Tennis Shot Simplified    

Lesson 8
How to Use Yourself Simplified   

Lesson 9
Court Coverage Simplified    

Lesson 10
Playing the Game Simplified   

Lesson 11
The Attacking Game Simplified   

Lesson 12
The Serve and Volley Game Simplified    

Lesson 13
Serving Tactics Simplified   

Lesson 14
The Return of Serve Simplified    

Lesson 15
Programming Simplified   

Lesson 16
Doubles Simplified      

Lesson 17
The Forehand and Backhand Strokes Simplified 

Lesson 18
Solutions To Forehand and Backhand Problems Simplified    

Lesson 19
The Forehand and Backhand Volley Strokes Simplified   

Lesson 20
Solutions To Volley Stroke Problems Simplified  

Lesson 21
The Serve Simplified    

Lesson 22
Solutions to Service Problems Simplified    

Lesson 23
The Overhead Simplified   

Lesson 24
Solutions To Overhead Problems Simplified     

Lesson 25
Practice Simplified