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JoJo LaRiccia and Susan Stone  


Susan Stone
at Stone Health Center: stonehealthcenter@mac.com

JoJo La Riccia
at JoJo's DreamCart:

A collaboration between Susan Stone and JoJo LaRiccia.

Healthy Song combines the creative and educational talents of Susan Stone and JoJo LaRiccia. Susan writes the lyrics and JoJo writes the music and sings the songs. "Free to be Healthy, Free to be Strong" is their first song to help kids and their families get healthy based on the 5-minute Eden Energy Exercise Routine.

Susan Stone
Susan is a licensed acupuncurist, certified Eden Energy Medicine Practitoner, authorized Energy Medicine for Women Instructor, and is a current Faculty member of Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine Certification Program in Phoenix, AZ. She has had a private practice in Southborough, Massachusetts for over 15 years, but has been involved in the alternative health care world for over 30 years. Her passion is to help people attain their health goals. Through Eden Energy Medicine she educates and empowers her students and clientele to greater levels of health and well-being. Visit stonehealthcenter.com.

JoJo LaRiccia
JoJo is the Producer/Host of the Emmy nomated children's TV show, JoJo's DreamCart for children ages 5-10. JoJo motivates children to be all that they can be and gives them the tools to believe their dreams can come true. They talk openly in a safe learning environment. JoJo also has a deep passion for capturing the moment and is a videographer/editor at LaRiccia Media Productions. She is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music where she learned how to write music professionally and sing. Visit jojosdreamcart.com.

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