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1929 Oldsmobile Cartoon




Out of Many, One

11 Short American Films

DVD RELEASE - November 22, 2003

(Williamstown, MA) The Pritchard School of Digital Arts has just produced an 86 minute artistic and musical film on DVD, "E PLURIBUS UNUM." The film features a collection of 11 short American films that were selected by John Pritchard and Rich Damone and then edited to an original soundtrack recorded by the School's digital music group, "VyZ - music for movies." Click here to see a sample clip from the DVD of an old 1929 Oldsmobile commercial. You can also preview the first 2:30 minutes of the DVD by clicking here.

"E PLURIBUS UNUM - Out of Many One" champions the legacy of John F. Kennedy, which is why it is being released today on the 40th anniversary of JFK's assassination in 1963. The DVD echoes the American spirit of JFK to "Rise Above the Fear" of negative forces in the world and features excerpts from the classic 1961 Kennedy-Nixon Debates. "E PLURIBUS UNUM" also focuses on the origins of industrial and commercial advertising that have shaped the American mind in modern times.

Why was Kennedy such a positive force in such a short period of American history? Why was Nixon so reviled? What makes something good and something else evil? Why is peace so illusive? Why is the military so powerful? Why has the USA become so rich from oil, weapons and drugs? Why did John Wayne symbolize the great American way around the world? Why are Native Americans so wise in their ways? Why is our advanced society so out of step with Nature? Why is it so hard to simply connect the meaningful dots in our own life? These are just a few of the questions raised within the context of "E PLURIBUS UNUM."

In regard to the film's actual content, classic commercial advertisements by American institutions such as Coca Cola, Chevrolet, and General Mills are interspersed between the 11 unique (and definitely antique) movies and cartoons from the Film Library of the Prelinger Archives dating between 1906 and 1964.

"E PLURIBUS UNUM" also incorporates amazing computer animations of outer space created by NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Institute which provide a timeless foundation for the rich collage of historical imagery and adventurous music.

The music for "E PLURIBUS UNUM" comes from the "VyZing" CD that was produced from live "VyZ-music for movies" sessions in the spring of 2003 which possess a highly funky, experimental energy. The final film soundtrack breaks new musical ground and indeed evokes a definite visual, cinematic sensibility, drawing from the many musical forms of classical, jazz, rock, funk, and indigenous music. Ranging from the bizarre to the sublime, the music provides a perfect compliment to the incredible montage of images from the turn of the century, through the 20s and up into the early 60's.

The members of the "VyZ- music for movies" band are: Charlie Tokarz on sax, flutes and electronic wind controller effects; Rich Damone on electric bass and guitar effects; John Pritchard on electronic drums and synthesizers; and special guest, Adam Holzman, on a variety of keyboards. The "VyZ" trio has been performing together since the spring of 2003 and sent selected recordings to fellow musician and friend, Adam Holzman, for additional overdubs for the films. Adam is simply one of the best keyboard players alive. He has toured around the world with musical legends such as Miles Davis, Grover Washington, and Wallace Rooney, as well as, composing with his own critically acclaimed band, "Brave New World."

UNUM DVD $25.00

For further information please contact John Pritchard: john@pritchardschool.com

For information about "VyZ," the soundtracks, downloading MP3s, go to vyzmovies.com.

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