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EXHIBITIONS & INTERVIEWS A selection of video work produced with partner company the Magazine Works for the award-winning Jack Shainman Gallery in NYC.

Jack Shainman Gallery is one of the most respected art galleries in New York City exhibiting and representing contemporary artists from all over the world. Visit jackshainman.com to also see our responsive web design that features over 50 engaging videos on the Exhibition and Artist pages.


Multimedia Creative Director/Filmmaker alt text
On July 16, 2017, John's newest film, One Heart-One Spirit, won "BEST INDIGENOUS DOCUMENTARY" at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival in Australia.


John helps clients with strategic multimedia design and specializes in video production for the web. He founded Pritchard Digital Arts in 2001, working with clients such as Sony, Williams College and The New York Times.

John has extensive experience as an award-winning creative director, filmmaker, online learning/web designer and enhanced eBook producer. He has developed commercial software products and provided multimedia consulting to Fortune 500 and Advertising firms such as BBDO, Young & Rubicam, Saatchi & Saatchi, Time-Warner, McGraw-Hill, Canon, Simon & Schuster, Bear Stearns, Citibank, and American Express. His multimedia career began in 1987 by founding one of the world's first interactive companies to work with Apple and Microsoft on cutting edge educational projects. Click here to see some of John's Creative Projects.

In 1997, John moved from NYC to Boston to work as a Creative/Art Director on three start-up companies with Internet giant, CMGi: InfoMation, Planet Direct, and the $100 million iCAST.com site for musicians and filmmakers.
“John and I worked closely together at iCAST in order to launch that massive site as well as create innovative pages and showcases for the musicians and, with the Film Channel, video and filmmakers. He was a joy to work with and did some extremely tasteful work under the usual web time constraints of needing it three days ago. He taught me a great deal about humility and his easy-going approach to getting things done actually got things done through compromise, yet not comprising the essential design and artwork to "dumb it down.” - David Greenberg, Director of Marketing, Ted Kurland Associates.

In 2010, John launched ETERNAL WAYS as a multimedia publishing label for educational and inspiring movies, books, music, and online training. Visit eternalways.com for more info.

In 2018, John is currently preparing a world tour of his latest movie project, One Heart-One Spirit. Visit createkinderworld.org.

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30+ Years Working with Fortune 500 and Small Business

Creative Director & Multimedia Designer

John develops the visual design of a project and works closely with copywriters, designers and other creative team members to conceptualize and develop integrated solutions for branding, advertising, email, websites, video, animations and other marketing channels in print and television. See current client site at jackshainman.com.

Filmmaker & Digital Video Producer

John is an award-winning film director and editor who has been working in Final Cut Pro since 1999. He is highly proficient with html5 video, flash, streaming media and dvd production. He began filmmaking in 1983 with a grant to film the first US educational tour in China. In the early 90's, he worked closely with Apple's Quicktime technology and produced digital video projects for companies such as Microsoft, Canon, and Time Warner. He has directed and produced five educational films: Novus, Star Cycles, Reawaken, the Little Hawk Show, and One Heart-One Spirit.

eLearning & eBook Publisher

John specializes in producing interactive educational projects and multimedia ebooks for the iPad. He has launched several enhanced iBooks on Apple's iBookstore: BrainPower Tennis, The Long Norwegian Night, SoulScapes, and Reawaken. In 2012, he launched his first educational title, "Freddy's Guide to Creative Improvisation," featuring Berklee music professor, Fred Lipsius, who was a Grammy Award winner with the legendary band, Blood, Sweat and Tears: www.freddysguide.com.

John's newest eLearning project is "Help Create A Kinder World: Your Guide to Indigenous Wisdom." It has been produced for the 2018-2019 ONE HEART Movie World Tour of Colleges and Universities. The 60 page Guidebook is available as a free iBook, PDF, and academic course at iTunes University.

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We are fast, affordable and effective!
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For the web and elearning programs

We produce high quality video for websites and online marketing projects. From scriptwriting to shooting to editing and post-production with music, titling, motion graphics and animation, we deliver online video solutions that produce successful results for whatever you need: Interviews, Testimonials, Author Videos, eBook Trailers, YouTube channels, Video for Social Media, Promo Videos, Product Marketing Videos, Training Videos, Special Event Videos and Documentaries. We also provide video hosting and video marketing services that include video analytics to measure and improve your web video ROI.

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For business and promotion

We design professional websites for artists, filmmakers, musicians, art galleries, small businesses, and non-profits. We create responsive sites that automatically adjust to any screen size whether it be desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We can provide hosting and search engine optimization, as well as eCommerce solutions for online stores and products for sale. For clients that want to update their sites themselves, we use MIT's content management system: Concrete5. It's the easiest way for a client to edit their site right on the page with ten minutes of training.

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For the iPad, Kindle, and print

We are your creative partner in building beautiful eBooks! In addition to working with authors and publishers, we build multimedia eBooks for museums, art galleries, film companies promoting new movies (eBook Movie Tie-in Editions), and music labels and musicians promoting their music on the iTunes iBookstore. We specialize in creating non-fiction, visual, fixed layout eBooks for the iPad and Kindle Fire that include video and enhanced multi-touch features. We also convert printed books into eBooks for the iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Android Devices, PCs and Macs.

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For online training and education

We design highly effective eLearning programs and online courses. We begin by developing a detailed design strategy that is built around the scope and parameters of the project. The next step is to prototype the eLearning program or course to include the visual interface/web design that will integrate narration, video, graphics, animation, music and programming. Most eLearning programs work best with instructor-driven video segments that are less than two minutes long. It has been proven that shorter videos keep viewers more engaged.


Read what people have to say.

“John is simply a great creative partner and possesses an unending plethora of talent in a wide range of disciplines... The thing I most admire about John is his ability to inspire those around him and genuinely care about their growth as well as his own.”

Thomas Tafuto, Senior VP of Creative, DIGITAS (2012 Agency of the Year)

“It was a true pleasure to see John win the $100,000 prize at McGraw-Hill's Multimedia Design Contest. His Inuit Eskimo Survival Game is a shining example of the future of interactive education."

Cesare DelVaglio, Director of Interactive Media, McGraw-Hill

"Thank you so much for making me a better filmmaker... you are definitely the best teacher I have ever had. You have inspired me to edit... I have no more fear of Final Cut Pro."

Angel Franco, Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, The New York Times

"I've never met a more creative or energetic individual that has the capacity to focus on realizing goals and objectives and transform ideas into actuality. Working with John is always fun. He will challenge you, and himself, to leverage your creativity and perseverance to the maximum. He brings a unique yet comprehensive approach to any situation.”

James Menk, Director, Convergys Corporation

"John is one of the brightest, most creative and most focused people I know. He is a natural leader, teacher and mentor.”

Jim Egan, Regional Manager, Echopass


Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, June 15, 2017

The International Premiere of ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT was in Australia at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival on June 15, 2017 where it won "BEST INDIGENOUS DOCUMENTARY." Download PDF

Australian Aboriginal Film Project: ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT
College Campus World Tour 2018-19.

What happens when a Native American master flute player and storyteller travels to the other side of the world and meets with the 40,000 year old Yolgnu culture in Australia? We are all connected. We are all related. We are one heart, one spirit, one human family. Learn More About the Movie

Your Guide to Indigenous Wisdom - iTunes University Course
Launching August 2017

This video-based course uses 12 video clips from John's award-winning movie, ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT, as well as the iBook, "Your Guide to Indigenous Wisdom." You must have the iTunes app on an iPad or iPhone. Go to iTunesU

New GuideBook for the ONE HEART Movie College World Tour
July 2017

Download "Your Guide to Indigenous Wisdom" featuring the ONE HEART-ONE SPIRIT Project: Help Create A Kinder World. More


Some interesting stats about online video
alt text 80% of users will watch a video and only 20% will read your content in full. Source: Mill for Business
alt text Videos tend to increase user’s understanding of product or service by 74%. Source: Mill for Business
alt text 80% of users recall the video ads they have seen in the past 30 days. Source: Mill for Business
alt text 79% of all global consumer web traffic will come from video by 2018. Source: Mill for Business


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