The "Connect The DotZ" series consists of 3 DVDs produced between 2003 and 2006. Each DVD is centered around a historical personality that changed humanity for the better. The first, "Unum - Out of Many, One" focuses on JFK. The second is this DVD, "Novus - New Order of the Ages" focusing on Tesla. The third, "Star Cycles - the Timeless Wisdom of Pythagoras," focuses on the ancient Greek master, Pythagoras.

As modern science has proven, we live in a musical universe created by harmonic waves of vibration and energy that we can tap into at anytime. Humanity has experienced this great resonant energy as a life force operating everywhere on our amazing planet. It is what most people call God or a higher consciousness. To the physical scientists it is a mysterious, yet everpresent, high frequency of electromagnetic energy, and to the those with religious conviction, it is the holy spirit, or God itself.

We all experience life in many ways. We learn. We grow. We make choices. Anything is possible. Our creative spirit is boundless and highly intuitive by nature. We can get a flash of insight at any moment and there is always more to life than what meets the eye. The "Connect The DotZ"
series celebrates the greatness of humankind that can transcend the mundane and the mediocre to invent and discover.

"Connect The DotZ" is also about tuning into our natural desire to love, instead of hate. It is about connecting the dots in the past to learn in the present. It is about understanding the cycles of time, the mystery of music, and the infinite energy of the cosmos. It is really about looking to the heavens for the answers. We have always used the stars above to guide our way here on earth. The scientific, rational mind with its technological innovation has brought us into the 21st century. It is time for balance. Art and Science can work together. Following our creative heart and listening to our own intuition is the NEW ORDER OF THE AGE... LEARNING FROM THE STARS... OUT OF MANY, ONE!

What is the currency of the Universe? What makes the World go Round? What is our connection to Ancient Civilizations? Why do indigenous people know so much more than modern man? Can we reverse our "spin"? Can we reverse our negative momentum? Why is the Sun such an important key? Why does the sun reverse its cycle every 11 years? Why is 11:11 symbolic of a "doorway."

The "Connect The DotZ" film series is centered around the themes of HARMONY, FREEDOM and CREATIVITY. It celebrates the inspiration of great men like President, John F. Kennedy, the ancient Greek Master, Pythagoras, and the brilliant 19th century inventor, Nikola Tesla. It champions the human heart to be free of the negative forces that have tied us to slavery and greed since the beginning of time.
Why do we do what we do? What can we change? What can we do? The series has been created as a trilogy of educational DVD movies to spark discussion about the mysterious and crazy, yet wonderful, world we live in today.


In America, FREEDOM is our national God (we are free to worship however we choose), and it is IN FREEDOM WE TRUST, as symbolized in the Great Seal of the United States on the back of every dollar bill. Surprisingly, the Great Seal represents a strong connection between the United States and the Ancient Egyptians w
ho built the pyramids. In addition, the American Eagle closely resembles the Egyptian Phoenix bird that rose from the ashes of death and has long represented the eternal cycle of creation (birth, death, rebirth).

The first 2 film titles come from the Latin phrases on the back of the American dollar bill.
The third film title, "Star Cycles" has to do with Harmony and the ancient Sphinx.

Due to their educational nature, each film is associated with a primary question and call to action for the audience.

- Out of Many, One

20th Century America - JFK
question: Which Side of the Door Are You On?
call to action: Rise Above the Fear

- New Order of the Ages

focus: The World Today - Tesla
question: Can We Make a New Start?"
call to action: Make the Impossible, Possible

- The Timeless Wisdom of Pythagoras

focus: Math, Music, & Astronomy - Pythagoras
question: How Does It All Work?

call to action: Focus on Harmony not Chaos

In relation to the theme of Harmony, the whole series promotes the connection between Man and Nature, Humanity and the Universe, and especially, Freedom, Creativity and Intuition.

(Connect the DotZ logo for NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM)

Tune in to Your Intuition and Trust Your Instincts

"The most brilliant decisions tend to come from the gut. While that observation is not new, it is now backed by a growing body of research from economics, neurology, cognitive psychology, and other fields. What the science suggests is that intuition -- or instinct, or hunch, or "learning without awareness," or whatever you want to call it -- is a real form of knowledge. It may be nonrational, ineffable, and not always easy to get in touch with, but it can process more information on a more sophisticated level than most of us ever dreamed. Psychologists now say that far from being the opposite of effective decision-making, intuition is inseparable from it. Without it we couldn't decide anything at all.
" Thomas Stewart,
Business 2.0

ABOUT THE "New Order of the Ages" Connect the DotZ LOGO

The Connect the DotZ logo for NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, "New Order of the Ages," symbolizes the wisdom of ancient civilizations (the Aztec Calendar) fusing with the American vision of truth, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (the "all-seeing-eye"). The Pythagorean octave in western music also plays a supporting role as the basis of reality since everything is in a state of vibration seeking balance...of interest is the classic Greek definition of
sacred geometry as being harmonious music frozen in time.

Of particular importance is the fact that the Aztec calendar is called a "sun stone" that connected man to his higher Nature by tracking the prime life giving force of the Sun, the fertility cycles of the Moon, and the location of Planets and Stars that indicate when to plant crops for survival... e
specially the morning and evening star we know as "Venus." In many ways, the "sun stone" calendar is an ancient computer that was used for calculating future cosmic events based on the celestial cycles observed carefully in the sky: As above, so below. For more Aztec info go here.

Not to be left out, there is an even more entertaining play on the "urban legend" perspective of the
"all-seeing-eye" as Freemasonry symbolism.

Many curious people, not just conspiracy theorists, believe the all-seeing-eye is the symbol of the legendary "Illuminati" elite who are controlling the world from behind the scenes: The Freemasons, The Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, The Order of Skull and Bones, The Bilderberg Group, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds, etc. Some also believe that "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" stands for "NEW WORLD ORDER" and that for the past 60 years, the "Illuminati" have planned to use the United States as the stepping stone to creating a ONE WORLD Corporation-styled Fascist Government. Kind of like an illuminated modern NAZI order hiding behind a humanitarian front. While we do not share this belief in an all powerful, modern "NAZI" organization, we do acknowledge that there are extremely negative forces at work using very secret techniques of control and deception. It is simply the way of the lower worlds to have both positive and negative forces at opposite poles (yin-yang) in order to create balance and harmony. Our choice as "VyZ" (improvisational) filmmaker/musician/teachers is to focus on the more positive side of the yin and the yang.

What becomes even more "illuminating" is that the Aztec Calendar was used to provide insight into
CELESTIAL EVENTS AND HUMAN AFFAIRS... a bit of prophecy mixed with astrology. which the "Illuminati" subscribe to themselves since they are supposedly experts in
occult magic and numerology.

In any event, the "CONNECT THE DOTZ" logo is a combination of past and present belief systems that remind us that there really is a higher order, higher power, higher intelligence to life. We are unquestionably living in a "New Order of the Ages" whose currency is shifting from the almighty dollar to the cosmic energy that powers the Universe. Kind of like coming full circle in a long astronomical procession of 26,000 years.

In many ways, it is a miracle we are still alive and thanks to emerging technology and scientific breakthroughs, the world is changing faster every day. While chaos, terrorism, and confusion are on the rise, amazing discoveries are being made about the universe, our planet, and the human body, mind and soul. It is to this very point that we encourage everyone to "CONNECT THE DOTZ" and discover the higher power of life for themselves.


Orion Constellation
The constellation of Orion is used as the logo backdrop for all 3 movies. The obvious reason is that stars in a constellation provide a story that teaches, educates and entertains. Specifically, throughout history, the Orion constellation has been used everywhere around the world as a great navigational tool for man to travel, to journey to new places, and to discover new lands. On a more personal note, Orion's belt is the symbol of "vyZ": 3 individuals shining brighter together as ONE group, one team of filmmaking musician storytellers. And then there is the really cool reason for using Orion and that is the very famous story of the Greek musician storyteller, Orion the Bard...

Orion the Bard - the Storyteller
Orion the Bard was loved by all for the stories he sang throughout the Greek Islands. One day on his way home however, he got caught by pirates who stole everything he had and threw him into the ocean to die. Thankfully, before drowning he was saved by a dolphin who said he would take him home if, in exchange, Orion would sing his songs all night. So Orion sang his songs all night and he and the dolphin had such a wonderful time that they never wanted to stop... and with that they swam on into the heavens so they could enjoy the night forever. see the full story here

Orion in Egypt and the U.S.
What is incredibly significant is that the pyramids of Giza in Egypt and the sacred sites of the Anasazi/Hopi in the Southwest United States, both mirror the constellation of Orion...not to mention that both cultures, separated by time and thousands of miles, speak of Orion as the birthplace of stars and the doorway to the Universe: our Galaxy, the Milky Way. Check out this website for more info: The Orion Zone.

Modern astronomy has confirmed this to be exactly true.
We live in a galactic ocean called the Milky Way where our solar system exists on the arm of Orion that is spinning around the center of a supermassive black hole. see more here

11:11, JFK and the dollar bill
The timecode, 11:11, is infamous for people reporting some kind of mystical syncronicity with the Universe when they see these numbers on a clock. Unlike the Orion doorway to the Universe, however, 11:11 is thought to be a spiritual doorway of change into higher consciousness. which again connects with the aspiration we have for our movies quite well.

Another "higher power" association can be made with the four 1's on the backside of the dollar bill strangely connecting to JFK. JFK can be thought of as a doorway to a better world if he had not been killed. Everyone knows that John F. Kennedy was loved around the world as an agent of positive change...the civil rights movement, putting a man on the moon, the peace corp, etc. In 1963, the dollar bill was reissued
with the motto, "In God We Trust." It was called the Kennedy Assassination Bill since Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas just 2 weeks after the new dollar bill was released out of the Federal Reserve Bank in Dallas...which also coincidentally occurred on 11/22... for more bizarre info, check out this 11:11 website

Why is there a "Z"
in "DotZ"?

The "Z" in the "DotZ" introduces another layer of connections between Man and the Universe. With our film series, "Z" most directly, stands for "Zero-Point Energy (the sea of energy that pervades all space, the ether, aka ZPE) ...however, there are many other "Z"s that fit quite well too: "Z as hydrogen," "Z as Redshift," "Z as vertical axis in the 3d grid," "Z as sound 'phonon' energy," "The Z Machine at Sandia Labs," etc. We invite you to search the web and learn more about "Z" for yourself... "Z" is what lies at the core of the "Connect the DotZ" series... it is all about higher energy (see sun energy
) ...there is also a present day spiritual prophet in Minnesota, Harold Klemp, who goes by the nickname, "Z": see Eckankar, the Religion of the Light and Sound of God.


Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity- Is it True?
Another World is Here-Sonofusion - Soundwaves create energy.
Bright light yields unusual vibes - Dept. of Energy explores phonons.
Quark Gluon Plasma - Is this Tesla's Ether?
RHIC at Brookhaven Labs - Scientific powerhouse... a BIG dot to connect with advanced Tesla magnetics!


(excerpts from the US Treasury website)

The back (reverse) of the one dollar bill is printed in green (this is why the dollar bill is sometimes called a greenback). It pictures the word "ONE" flanked by two circles, picturing the front and back of the Great Seal of the United States of America. Before the adjournment of the Continental Congress on July 4th, 1776, a committee was appointed to develop a seal for the United States. The committee was Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson, three of the five men who had drafted the Declaration of Independence. They were merely the first committee, however. It took six years, the work of two additional committees and a total of 14 men before a final version of the Great Seal was approved. The final proposal, as accepted by Congress, was submitted on June 13, 1782, by Charles Thompson, Secretary of Congress. He brought together some of the recommendations of the three committees, their consultants, and artists.

If you look at the left hand circle, you will see a Pyramid. This pyramid was not a part of the proposals for the Great Seal until the third committee, and it was not suggested by Jefferson, Franklin, and Adams. Notice the face is lighted and the western side is dark. Although there is no "official" explanation for the shading, some interpret it as a reflection that our country was just beginning and had not begun to explore the West or decided what we could do for Western Civilization. The Pyramid is UN-capped, which may signify that our country was not yet finished. The unfinished state of the pyramid was intentional, and Charles Thompson, in his remarks to congress about the symbolism on the Great Seal, said the pyramid represented "Strength and Duration."

Inside the capstone you have the all-seeing eye, an ancient symbol for divinity. Although Franklin's committee did not suggest a pyramid, it did originate the suggestion of the eye. However, the term "the all-seeing eye" was never officially used when describing it. The Franklin committee wanted the seal to include a reflection of divine providence and discussed a variety of themes including the Children of Israel in the Wilderness. Some have suggested that the pyramid and the eye are the result of Masonic influence, but that is not supported by historical evidence. The claim that "the all seeing eye" is uniquely Masonic first appeared in 1797, nearly 15 years after the adoption of the symbolism by Congress. In addition, the only member of the original committee who was a Mason was Franklin; that committee's design was actually rejected by Congress, and none of the final designers of the seal were Masons. The eye as representing "the eye of providence" has a long history. It's more likely that both the designers of the Great Seal and the Masons drew from that history. "IN GOD WE TRUST" is on this currency.

The Latin above the pyramid, ANNUIT COEPTIS, means "God has favored our undertaking." It was Franklin's belief that one man couldn't do it alone, but a group of men with the help of God could do anything. The Latin below the pyramid, NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, is interpreted to mean "a new order for the world." At the base of the pyramid is the Roman Numeral for 1776. If you look at the right-hand circle, and check it carefully, you may notice that with only slight modifications it is the Seal of the President of the United States. It also appears on every National Cemetery in the United States, the Parade of Flags Walkway at the Bushnell, Florida National Cemetery, and is the centerpiece of most heroes' monuments.

On the Great Seal, the eagle faces the talon holding the olive branch. The eagle on The Presidential Seal faced in the opposite direction-toward the talon holding the arrows until 1945, when Harry Truman had it redesigned to face the olive branch as well. No one knows for certain what the symbols mean. But although there is no explanation of the imagery of the eagle in the official records, most historical references to the bald eagle indicate that it represents something of uniquely American origin. One of the original design proposals for the Great Seal featured a small crested white eagle, which is not uniquely American, but this was later changed to the uniquely American Bald Eagle. An unsupported interpretation of the inclusion of the Bald Eagle is that it could also represent victory and independence, because the eagle is not afraid of a storm, is strong and smart enough to soar above it, and wears no material crown. Also, notice the shield is unsupported. Charles Thompson said it denoted that the United State of America ought to rely on their own virtue. The shield consists of red and white stripes with a blue bar above that represents Congress. The colors are taken from the American flag and officially the red represents hardiness and valor, the white represents purity and innocence, and the blue, vigilance, perseverance, and justice. In the Eagle's beak you will read, "E PLURIBUS UNUM", meaning "one nation from many people." Above the Eagle you have thirteen stars representing the thirteen original colonies. Again, we were coming together as one. Notice that the Eagle holds an olive branch and arrows in his talons. The official meaning is that the olive branch and the arrows "denote the power of peace and war." As noted previously, the design shows the eagle facing the olive branch. This was the opposite of the the Presidential Seal, which showed the eagle facing the arrows, until President Harry Truman had it redesigned to face the olive branch in 1945." Some feel that the number 13 is an unlucky number. You will usually never see a room numbered 13, or hotels or motels with a 13th floor. But the significance of the number 13 in U.S. history is very strong. The number 13 as used on many U.S. symbols (the stripes on the flag, steps on the Pyramid, 13 stars above the eagle, 13 plumes of feathers on each of the Eagle's wings, 13 bars on the shield, 13 leaves on the olive branch, 13 fruits, and 13 arrows) all represent the beginning of our country, as established by the thirteen colonies. But it should also remind us of the importance of the "13th Amendment".

by Rob Rikoon, January 13, 2004 Excerpt from

Until 100 years ago, gold was the standard measure of value. Our common use of such phrases as "good as gold," "solid as gold," and "backed by gold," indicates that for centuries, governments, businesses and ordinary people knew that behind every piece of paper was a fixed amount of gold. The gold standard was defined by the purchasing power of this set amount of gold. The amount of real, usable goods that could be acquired for an ounce of gold was the stable value for both gold and paper money, or currency, which were interchangeable.

Gold was the universal, determining commodity that established value for the paper printed by governments. So, when a country extended itself too far, its gold reserves diminished and its citizens eventually demanded gold for their paper money. This cruel fact of life brought successive generations of royalty, both despotic and benign, to their knees. These century-old constraints dissolved during the 20th century. After World War II, the United States was the only financial powerhouse left standing, and thus created a set exchange ratio for gold to U.S. dollars. The industrialized world had far outspent its reserves of gold in order to finance the two world wars that ravaged Western civilization. The only drawback to the system created at Bretton Woods in 1944 was that we had to have gold to back up our promise to honor that arbitrary rate. Then the pledge to redeem dollars with gold was withdrawn.

Since 1971, the "market" has set the value of gold versus all currencies with widely fluctuating prices. Gold remained a haven only for investors who were willing to speculate that it would eventually be worth more than paper currency. Today, there is some natural expansion in the world's gold supply because of mining, but it is a relatively small amount. The supply of paper money, however, is easily manipulated. When people believe the value of their paper money is being undercut by irresponsible politicians or by central political events, gold's value rises in reaction to uncertainty about the future. Paper money can lose its purchasing power and since gold is pretty darn inconvenient to cart around to use for buying groceries, many investors choose to hold some of each.

In 1935, between the two wars, President Roosevelt declared private ownership of gold illegal, thereby forcing Americans to convert their gold to paper. The next year, he raised the price of gold 69 percent, devaluing the purchasing power of the dollars that U.S. citizens had been forced to buy. Imagine the confusion and chaos that ensued. From the 1930s until the 1970s, the U.S. government set the price of gold. The oil-rich Middle Eastern nations and other factors ended that reign, and so we entered into a market-driven period of currency chaos. Capital flight is when a country's citizens doubt the ability of their domestic money to retain its value, so they look for the other nations' currencies to put their savings in.

During the 1980s and 1990s one country after another saw its paper currency go down the tubes. Americans benefited from the chaos of the last two decades of the 20th century as imports became cheaper and other, less stable nations' money flowed into the U.S. dollar. Gold went up and down in price but because the dollar could buy more and more goods from overseas, no one really cared. The United States' ability to continue to attract money, essentially loans, from the rest of the world has been affected by our spending deficit of $600 billion. To finance our activities worldwide, we have had to increase the amount of paper money by a huge amount.

Between 1935 and 1971, the money supply -- the amount of paper currency that the public holds plus savings and deposits at banks -- went up 10 times. Meanwhile, the price of gold is not much higher than it was 30 years ago. Eventually, something has to give. We can stop printing money, produce more gold, or see the price of gold increase.

Rob Rikoon is a registered investment adviser and CEO of Rikoon-Carret, 510 Don Gaspar Ave. He can be reached at 989-3581 or via e- mail at (C) 2004 The Santa Fe New Mexican. via ProQuest Information and Learning Company; All Rights Reserved

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