"VyZ" is all about improvised, spontaneous music...music performed freely in the moment...no rehearsing... no writing songs... just the pure, uninhibited sound created on the spot... not to mention, the sheer joy of playing with an amazing group of friends and talented artists. Being able to digitally edit and combine the music with cool moving pictures just puts it in a category all its own: ImprovyZed Music for Movies.


Hi there,

Thanks for checking us out.

We are the guys who put all this "music for movies" stuff together and thought you might like to get a sense of where we are coming from.

As astronomy has proven for centuries, the Universe operates with amazing balance and harmony ...like a system of intelligent geometry. While logical science and mathematics provide an excellent understanding of physical existence, modern man remains
largely ignorant to the invisible reality of intuition and imagination.

While ignorance is indeed bliss for the millions of people who are unaware of their cultural bias and social programming, the 21st century is beginning to release us all from the prison of 5 senses by increasing our understanding of the more mystical, sixth sense. To any genius in history, especially the great artists and scientists, the reality of using their sixth sense is a pre-requisite for success. Intuiting the whole picture, "seeing" the answer, is a natural result of connecting the dots in anything we do. It is indeed a very "normal" human process and as an improvisational band, one we enjoy trying to understand.

It is only in recent years that the world is seriously discussing spirituality in science, or the advanced study of the invisible forces that are everywhere
present in our Universe. Tesla called it "Radiant Energy." Quantum physics calls it "Cosmic Rays." While the many religions around the world refer to this Universal energy as "God," the all-embracing and culturally diverse American tradition, simply calls it FREEDOM... and just like the American motto, it is IN FREEDOM WE TRUST... life itself! ...and freedom provides the opportunity to grow and thrive!

It is in this optimistic light that we members of VyZ celebrate our improvisational music and filmmaking in the spirit of seeking TOTAL FREEDOM: A NEW ORDER OF THE AGES - NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM.

We hope you enjoy our creative efforts and also see the humor in it all.

John, Rich, & Charlie

PS. We would love to hear from you: novus@pritchardschool.com


As a multimedia band, Rich, Charlie, and John began playing together in the spring of 2003. While initially producing live visual imagery
from the music with the amazing G-force visualization software, the group soon began improvising with movies from the Prelinger Film Archive. Rich and John were inspired to make the first film, "E PLURIBUS UNUM," from listening to the "VyZing" CD that had been produced with Adam Holzman in February 2003. The "Connect the DotZ" idea for a series of films came after seeing the theme of "freedom" run through the "vyZ" music, the films, the NASA space animations, and those little known Latin phrases on the back of every dollar bill.

The band produced the soundtrack for "NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM" in the fall of 2003. In December 2003, Charlie joined Rich and John in the editing process for the film and DVD, which was again structured by the music. The third film in the "Connect the DotZ" trilogy, "Star Cycles - The Timeless Wisdom of Pythagoras," is an educational DVD about the mathematical and musical nature of the Universe, as well as, the Pythagorean roots of our modern world in democracy, science and art..

All the members of
"vyZ" have a deep respect for just about every musical tradition on the planet. Each member is also keenly aware of the desire to break free of those traditions and develop new creative directions. It is the diverse mix of conventional and unconventional ideas that make for the adventurous "vyZ" sound.

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