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As independent filmmakers and musicians we greatly appreciate your interest in our creative efforts. As advocates for changing our dependency on fossil fuels, we welcome your enthusiasm for promoting Tesla and Clean Energy Alternatives.

Over 100 years ago, Tesla's famous Tower was built on Long Island in order to fulfill his vision of providing Wireless Energy to the world. Unfortunately, Wall Street robber barron, JP Morgan, stopped funding the completion of the Tower when he realized it would threaten his financial empire. Today, the world is more ready than ever for Tesla's Wireless vision to transform our earth into a self-sustaining, pollution-free planet. Even the oil and big energy corporations are beginning to transform their business with Alternative Energy solutions. Fossil fuels will be depleted in 40 years. Hydrogen-based fuel and solar energy are just emerging. The time is right for Tesla's Wireless Energy solution to enter the public's awareness and become another viable alternative.

We invite you to support our movie about Tesla and Clean Energy Alternatives in any way you can.


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