NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM - New Order of the Ages
connect the dotZ - part 2

A Fairytale Tribute to the Genius of Nikola Tesla
He could make the impossible...possible!

Directed by vyZ - John Pritchard, Rich Damone, Charlie Tokarz
Running Time: 58:25

This artistic, non-narrative, DVD documentary, created by the musical group, "vyZ," celebrates one of the world's greatest inventors: Nikola Tesla. Tesla was amazing. He was the world's most famous man at the turn of the 19th century. His best friend was Mark Twain. He is the forgotten electrical genius of our modern Space Age. Everytime we turn on a light, startup a car, use a computer, or watch a tv, it is thanks to Tesla. He invented AC electricity, the electro-magnetic motor, radio, loudspeakers, the Tesla coil, vacuum tubes, x-rays, remote control, radar, robots, ignition systems, the speedometer, fluorescent lights, neon, particle beams and registered over 300 patents. A century later, many of his discoveries are just beginning to see the light of day. His real secrets, however, are still classified under the National Security Act of 1947.

As part of the "Connect the DotZ" film series,
NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM - New Order of the Ages, paints an inspiring yet highly controversial picture of Tesla's most incredible invention, which was his greatest secret: the flying saucer. This is not about science fiction.

Do flying saucers really exist? Did Tesla really invent them?
Why are we so fascinated by the possibility? How would flying saucers affect us if everybody had one? What about space travel? What about free unlimited energy?

The playful combination of mother goose nursery rhymes, pirate cartoons,
superman, ufo mythology, black hole astronomy and investigative journalism, evoke a trailblazing tale of the past 100 years with an optimistic vision of the future. While avoiding the cliché of "New World Order" conspiracy theory, the film does "connect the dots" to the genius of Tesla and the real possibility that we can create a better world: A New Order of the Ages.

As an experimental film,
NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM - New Order of the Ages, is not only unique in its audio-visual treatment, but also serves as a springboard for discussing contemporary issues about humanity, technology, astronomy, art and innovation... especially in the context of Tesla's connection to our 21st century.

Can we reverse our global cycle of destruction? Can we reverse our selfish ways? Can we stop polluting our planet? Can we replace the fossil fuel driven, "Old Order" with a "New Order" of clean electrical energy? Can we avoid Armageddon? Can we make a new start? Can we make the impossible... possible? Can we do what Tesla advocated his entire life: tune in to the higher forces of Life? Tap the Cosmos? Have energy independence? These are the questions beneath the surface of the movie.


The film features the timeless animation of master animators Ray Harryhausen, Max Fleischer, and John Sutherland which is artfully woven together with archival footage from ephemeral films and NASA Space imagery. Although the film is a completely digital production, the filmmakers' goal was to produce an organic, analog experience that compliments their improvisational music... and in the great tradition of all experimental artists, challenge the commonly accepted notions of the artform itself.

Of special note is the "vyZ" filmmaking process that creates the film from the
soundtrack... hence the "vyZ" slogan: improvyZed music for movies. The "vyZ" filmmaker musicians all work together during the film editing process which is inspired from the music. This multimedia band of digital artists consists of Rich Damone on bass, Charlie Tokarz on sax, clarinet and flutes, and John Pritchard on drums, percussion, and keyboards. The soundtrack also features special guest, Adam Holzman, who is known as one of the world's greatest keyboard players for working closely with Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, Grover Washington, and many others, including his own band, Brave New World.


While the movie aims to both educate and entertain, NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM, also promotes the uniquely Teslan view of Alternative Energy as harnessing the Cosmic Energy of the Universe, the Quantum Foam, the Ether, that surrounds us at all times. While it is an astronomical fact that we travel around the center of our Milky Way galaxy at 500,000 mph, it is less understood how Tesla was able to harness all that cosmic electricity in which we move... let alone, invent the flying saucer.

As the 2nd of 3 films in the "Connect the DotZ" series, the filmmakers hope to "Fuel the Soul" with fresh perspectives and inspiration sprinkled throughout the film. Like all great stories,
NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM is about resonating with a higher power...the love of life...whatever you want to call that source of unlimited energy. Higher love exists like a force of nature, and it is everywhere abundant... even in a crazy and violent world like the one we live in today!

The first "Connect the DotZ" movie, "E PLURIBUS UNUM - Out of Many, One," celebrates the legacy of JFK and the paradox of the American spirit. The third movie, "STAR CYCLES - The Timeless Wisdom of Pythagoras," is an educational DVD about the mathematical and musical nature of the Universe, as well as, the Pythagorean roots of our modern world in democracy, science and art. It was released in February 2006.

The "Connect the DotZ" film series is produced by the Pritchard School of Digital Arts (


Directed by: vyZ - John Pritchard, Rich Damone, Charlie Tokarz
Music by: vyZ with special guest, Adam Holzman
Editing and Post Production: vyZ
Sound Design by:
Art Director: Pu Chiang
Executive Producer: John Pritchard

Produced by: Pritchard School of Digital Arts
Recycled archival footage: Prelinger Archives
NASA footage: NASA, STScI
Edison footage: Library of Congress
Publicity: YOR MAMA
Website: Herman "the German"
Hardware: Apple Powerbook G4, Roland VS Studio

Software: Mac OSX, Final Cut Pro, Logic Audio

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